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Thanks for presenting this opportunity. We appreciate your interest in FLOH Vodka. Please complete the request application below.

*Marketing and events for FLOH Spirits, LLC are managed by Slang Marketing Group, LLC. Please be mindful that the completion of this form is a request, not an approval.


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Sponsor Benefits
FLOH can have signage at the event *
FLOH can provide one or more signs which are erected and positioned in a particular location for a specified period of time.
FLOH will have Naming Rights *
Will FLOH have naming rights to the event or the program?
A FLOH Representative is invited to event *
A FLOH Representative may be able to attend the event.
A FLOH Representative can speak at the program *
A FLOH Rep may be available to speak or present at the event.
FLOH Logo will be included on visuals *
The FLOH logo and message will be included in online and offline advertisement, promotion and on-site visuals.
FLOH will be mentioned throughout the event *
FLOH will receive several mentions throughout the event such as announcements and mentions pertaining to the FLOH Brand.
A Post Event Report will be provided *
An event report including photos of FLOH, photos of people enjoying FLOH and a summary of the success of the sponsorship will be provided after the event.