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+ What is flŌH?

FLŌH Vodka is an Ultra Premium Hand-Crafted Small Batch Vodka.

+ What States currently carry FLŌH?

We are opening in markets rather quickly. Click here to go to our Find FLŌH Page.

+ How can i get flŌH at my local store?

Although we are available in various markets we are not in every store. If you are looking to experience FLŌH Vodka in your area please request it at your nearest liquor location so that they may order it from their wholesaler. Or you can give them our information as well. Thank you for your support.

+ how many flavors are available?

We currently have two flavors available. FLŌH Vodka and FLŌH Vodka Pink Grapefruit Dragon Fruit.

+ Is FLŌH really gluten free and allergen free?

Yes, however that only applies to our FLŌH Signature Bottle which is free from gluten and gliaden (wheat proteins, crustacea and products of these, mollusks and products of these, eggs and egg products, fish and fish products, peanuts and products of these, soybeans and products of these, sesame seeds and products of these, milk and milk products, tree nuts and nut products, sulfites and lecithin. PLEASE NOTE: Our FLŌH flavors are gluten free and kosher but not allergen free.

+ What is Kosher seal certified?

This means that we comply with a strict policy of kosher food laws including purity and quality and that we have been approved by a third party Kosher Certification Agency.

+ How Many times is it distilled?

FLŌH is hand-crafted and distilled 10 times with the best American Corn and pure Cascade Mountain Spring Water.

+ Do you sponsor bands/artists/atheletes?

We do not.

+ Do you sponsors events or donate to charities?

Due to the current number of prior event commitments we are not accepting unsolicited request at this time.


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